Kevin Staley, MD
Chief, Child Neurology

General pediatric neurology, neonatal seizures

Shelley Waite, MD
Program Director,
Child Neurology Residency

General pediatric neurology

Danielle Pier, MD
Assistant Program Director,
Child Neurology Residency

Neonatology, General pediatric neurology, Pediatric Stroke

Amy Armstrong-Javors, MD

Pediatric movement disorders, general neurology

Bradley Buchbinder, MD

Pediatric functional neuroimaging

Ferdinando Buonanno, MD

Pediatric stroke

William Butler, MD

Pediatric neurosurgery

Paul Caruso, MD

Pediatric neuroradiology

Tanuja Chitnis, MD

Pediatric multiple sclerosis

Catherine Chu, MD, MMSc

Pediatric epilepsy, epilepsy surgery, high density EEG, quantitative EEG analysis, network analysis

Elizabeth Dooling, MD

Neuro-oncology, neuro-rehabilitation after head injury    

Christine Duhaime, MD

Pediatric neurosurgery

David Dredge, MD

Movement Disorders, General Neurology

Marisela Dy-Hollins, MD

Movement Disorders

David Ebb, MD

Pediatric neuro-oncology

Florian Eichler, MD

Leukodystrophies, neurometabolic diseases

Matthew Frosch, MD, PhD

Neuropathology, pathology

Eric Grabowski, MD, SCD

Pediatric stroke

Tessa Hedley-Whyte, MBBS, MD

Neuropathology, pathology

Robin Jones, MD

Pedi hematology-oncology

Kalpathy Krishnamoorthy, MD

Neonatology, early metabolic and structural developmental disorders of the central nervous system

Florence Lai, MD

Alzheimer’s Disease in Down Syndrome, attention deficit disorder, learning disabilities, dyslexia

Christopher McDougle, MD


Patricia L. Musolino, MD, PhD

Stroke and cerebrovascular disorders, neurocritical care, pediatric stroke, leukodystrophy

Brian Wishart, DO

Physical Medicine and Rehab, Pediatric Stroke

Jeremiah Scharf, MD, PhD

Tic disorders, movement disorders, neurogenetics, neuropsychiatric conditions

Nutan Sharma, MD

Movement disorder, X-linked Dystonia Parkinsonism (XDP),