Specific Track Information

Child Neurology is an advanced program. We have partnered with MGH for Children Pediatrics Residency to offer a guaranteed pediatric preliminary position for both of our categorical child neurology trainees. The Pediatrics and Child Neurology positions are linked to provide a seamless 5 years of training. These pediatrics positions are only available to those who apply to our child neurology program.

Please apply to both MGH Child Neurology and MGHfC Pediatrics on ERAS so that both programs are aware of your interest. Interview schedules and final rankings are coordinated between our programs.

In addition to our traditional categorical track, we are pleased to offer an advanced track opportunity which includes a year of research at the end of your training. This is a variation on the traditional neuroscience pathway. Instead of completing the neuroscience research year after the prelim pediatrics year, the trainee in this track will complete their research as the last year of their training. The timing at the end of training creates an optimal transition from residency to research. During residency, there are multiple opportunities to explore and develop projects and proposals for the final research year. There are many ways to support the research year, including local grants, PI funding, and NIH awards. MGH has an active NIHNINDS R25 resident research training program and our child neurology residents are very successful in obtaining these grants as well as subsequent NINDS K awards. This advanced track does not include a preliminary year but we have partnered with Pediatrics and will be offering joint interviews for consideration of Pediatric Prelim year at MGHfC. Applicants also have the option of applying for other prelim years in different programs.


Categorical Track

When you place the MGH Child Neurology program on your rank order list choose 1261185C0. You should also express your interest to pediatrics by applying to 1261320P1 (Peds-Prelim/Child Neurology).

Advanced-Neuroscience Track

When you place the Advanced Neuroscience track on your rank order list choose 1261185A1.You will then be allowed to create a supplemental rank order list for your preliminary pediatrics year. For MGHfC Pediatrics preliminary position please use 1261320P0.


If you have additional questions, please contact the program administrator, Virginia Tosney-Trask at vtosneytrask@partners.org.