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Lots of Fun at the Residency Holiday Party

We started the new year by having a great time at our annual holiday party. Shown here is the NM1 class with lots of big smiles!

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Neurology Thanksgiving

Our residency Thanksgiving event hosted by the Prasads was a huge success with over 45 residents and loved ones present! It was a wonderful evening filled with great food (including several incredible resident-baked desserts), catching up with co-residents, and reflections on all we are thankful for.

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Happy Neuro-ween!

There were great costumes at the recent neurology-themed Halloween residency party hosted by Dr. Angela O’Neal and the Red House! (Some of these puns will make you groan). In attendance were Phineas Gage, a lumber puncture, an Argyle Robertson pupil and penicillin G, dual anti platelets and a statin, Ms. Frizzle, chorea, and a D-furred gate.

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Surviving a ropes course!

A group of adventurous residents and our program director, Sashank Prasad, recently had a great outing at a ropes course. They truly put their cerebellums (and let's be honest, every muscle in their bodies) to the test!

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Women’s Mentorship and Leadership

We are very excited to launch a new program focused on women’s leadership in neurology. The kick-off networking event included a discussion of ways to address gender disparities in academic medicine. The curriculum will include a variety of exciting workshops and rich discussions throughout the year!

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Thoughtful Reflections on Truly Caring for a Patient

NM1 resident Michael Stanley recently published a moving opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal in which he discussed a deeply humanistic perspective on the medical establishment’s approach to end-of-life care.

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Welcoming our new first year residents!

Orientation activities came to a close with a great welcome party hosted by Dr. Tracey Milligan. The team is now fully assembled and prepared to start the new year!

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White water rafting field trip!

A group of our residents got a shot of adrenaline on the white water rapids in beautiful western Massachusetts. Just look at those smiles!

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Our AAN Clinical Research Training Scholars

Congratulations to third year residents Anna Goodheart and Omar Al-Louzi, who both received the AAN Clinical Research Training Fellowship. Anna is staying at Partners for a movement disorders fellowship, and under the mentorship of Stephen Gomperts she will use molecular imaging biomarkers to glean further insights into the various types of parkinsonian dementia. Omar will complete this fellowship at the NIH, where he will employ advanced imaging methods to better characterize MS lesions. Congratulations!

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Our first year residents escape the room!

The first year residents put their creativity and fantastic teamwork to the test as they enjoyed their mid-year retreat solving tough puzzles together. It was a blast!

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Unravelling the mysteries regulating neuroplasticity

Congratulations to our resident Priya Srikanth, who has been selected to receive a prestigious Young Scholar Award from the Jacobs Foundation. With her mentor, Tracy Young-Pearse, Priya uses induced pluripotent stem cell-derived neurons to study the ways that genetic and environmental factors regulate neural development and plasticity. We are incredibly excited to find out what Priya is able to learn in the lab -- discoveries that have the potential to fundamentally change neurologic therapeutics!

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Partners Neurology on Ice!

A group of us had a great time celebrating winter together by skating on Frog pond in the Boston Common!

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Tracy Batchelor becomes the Chair of Neurology at BWH

After an international search, Dr. Tracy Batchelor has been named the successor to Dr. Martin Samuels as chair of Neurology at BWH. He is coming across town from MGH, where he was chief of the division of neuro-oncology. He is widely known for his formidable dedication and skill as a mentor, and he is devoted to seeing the residency continue to reach new heights!

The brave new world of medical ethics

Senior Resident Michael Young had the fantastic honor of giving Grand Rounds at Maine Medical Center on the topic of “Medical Ethics in the Era of eHealth.” His lecture examined some fascinating modern challenges that have accompanied the rise of social media, crowdfunding, and electronic medical records. The talk was a rousing success!

Bringing attention to disparate access to care

Resident Josh Budhu published a thoughtful reflection in the NY Daily News on the impact closing a hospital has on access to care in the local community.

New York Daily News article

Running for a great cause

Residents Sergi Martinez-Ramirez, Jackie Schulman, Mariel Kozberg, and Meabh O’Hare ran the B.A.A half marathon and raised thousands of dollars to support research on cerebral amyloid angiopathy at MGH! Way to go!!

Emily shows elementary students that neuroscience is cool!

Congratulations to senior resident Emily Ferenczi for being recognized for her AAN presentation about the experience of teaching neuroscience to local elementary students!

Marcelo is honored at the Center for Diversity and Inclusion Award Program

Congratulations to MGH attending Marcelo Matiello for receiving the Clinician-Teacher Development Award! Residents Jorge Torres and Josh Budhu are there to celebrate his accomplishments!

End-of-Summer BBQ!

We had a great time soaking in the sun at Larz Anderson Park! The food was delicious, and Frisbee and cornhole were a blast. Thank you to the social committee – Sarah Conway, Lauren Hammer, Mariel Kozberg, and Meabh O’Hare – for planning such a great event!

Our nerdiest wellness event yet!

We all enjoyed a great afternoon at the Santiago Ramon y Cajal exhibit of stunning neuroanatomical drawings. It was great to consider how many insights he made about how the brain functions by making such meticulous observations about its structure. And after the museum trip together, it was great to go out for dinner and drinks!