Preliminary Year

Applicants should apply separately for a preliminary position in Medicine. We offer 17 guaranteed joint med-neuro preliminary positions at three local medicine programs: 8 at Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH), 7 at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), and 2 at North Shore Medical Center (NSMC). The NSMC positions are to accommodate international medical school graduates (IMGs). Please note that the joint neuro prelim tracks are designed for applicants who are invited to interview with us. Additionally, applicants may match into these preliminary medicine programs outside of the positions in our designated partnerships. We coordinate BWH and MGH medicine interviews so they take place on the Wednesday before the Thursday neurology interview. Applicants can certainly choose to match elsewhere for the medicine year.


NRMP code

BWH joint med-neuro prelim


BWH med prelim


MGH joint med-neuro prelim


MGH med prelim



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