Frequently Asked Questions

How to Apply

1. How do I apply to your program?

Please, apply through ERAS and register for the NRMP. The official name of our program is Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School Child Neurology Program.

2. Do I have to apply on September 15?

No. We begin to receive applications from ERAS and review on a rolling basis but do not make our final decision about interviews until we receive the Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE) from your medical school. The applications review is ongoing but we encourage applicants to apply as early as possible.

3. When is your application deadline?

Applicants are strongly encouraged to submit their applications by October 21. Applying by October 21 will give applicants the best chances of receiving an interview.

4. Does my application have to be complete before I submit it through ERAS?

No. We review applications on a rolling basis and complete our final review once MSPE become available. You can submit additional documents when available.

5. How many letters of recommendation should I have?

We require 3 letters of recommendation. You are welcome to submit as many letters as ERAS allows you to upload. We will review all letters provided.

6. Do I have to provide a letter from a chair person?

No. We ask that the letters you provide are from people who know you well and can speak about you in a knowledgeable manner.

7. Is research experience required to apply to your program?

No. Our residents have diverse academic interests and this provides for a balanced residency program. This year we are offering an advanced track which allows you to replace one year of pediatrics with a year of research at the end of your residency. For more information see the application information.

8. Do I have to apply separately for a preliminary position?

No for those in the categorical track. Categorical track applicants should submit their application to both programs. However, interviews will be provided jointly. For the Advanced-Neuroscience track applicants, you will need to apply to pediatrics prelim programs and will be strongly considered for the MGH for Children Pediatrics prelim positions.

9. Can I interview for Child Neurology and Pediatrics during the same visit?

Yes. Applications to both tracks are considered jointly. For the advanced neuroscience track, you will be interviewed separately for the pediatrics preliminary year.

10. Do you accept foreign medical graduates?

Yes. The number of foreign graduates in the program at any given time varies and completely depends on the quality of the applicants and the match.

11. Do you have a cut-off for year of graduation from medical school?

No, however, we strongly prefer applicants who are within 5 years of graduation from medical school or who have been continuously involved with clinical work.

12. Do you have minimum USMLE score requirements?

No, however, our program is extremely competitive, and the majority of our residents receive very high scores.

13. Do you require US clinical experience?

No, however, it is very helpful to have it and we prefer applicants with US clinical experience. Observerships, while helpful and potentially productive, are not considered clinical experience.

14. Do I have to be ECFMG certified to apply to your program?

You must be ECFMG certified when applying but we might review your application if you expect to be certified soon. You must be certified to be considered for ranking.

15. Do you provide visas for foreign medical graduates?

Yes, we provide both J1 and H1B visas for applicants who match with us. The visa type depends on the individual resident's situation. Partners has an International Office, which handles visas and you are not required to retain a lawyer.

If you have additional, unanswered questions, please, contact the program’s coordinator, Ginny Tosney-Trask, at